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We reserve our products and services for professionals. All non-B2B applications will be rejected.

The opening of a CASTEELS France client account is not automated: your request will be analyzed and verified by a client manager before it is approved.

Please fill in the account application form as completely as possible so that we can contact you quickly and collaborate on the offer best suited to your needs.

We invite you to read our General Terms & Conditions of Sale and our General Waranty Terms & Conditions first.

If in doubt, please contact us.

Required information

Some information is required to valid your request.

To speed up the process, kindly also provide us with the following information:


Account applications are generally processed within 2 business days.

A client manager for your region will contact you (telephone/email).

Access to our e-commerce platform will be provided to you within 24 hours of your client account being created.

Application to open a client account

You may apply for a client account by clicking on this link: open an account.

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